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Season 9

Vintage CJ

Bruno and Matt find a vintage CJ Jeep and see if they can transform it back to its former glory.

Supercharged Raptor

How can you jump a Ford Raptor even further? Put a supercharger in it. Matt and Bruno team up with Roush Performance to get the maximum power output of a stock Raptor.

Mall Crawler

Some build Jeeps to go off-road, and others build them just for the “off-road” look. Matt and Bruno will show you how to build the ultimate “Mall Crawler” on Truck U.

Hog Hunting Bronco

Matt and Bruno find the perfect hunting truck; the only problem is they need to get it running before they can go on their first hunt.

Trick It or Trade It

Nobody wants a truck payment. But everyone wants the newest technology. Matt and Bruno show you how to get your older truck up to date without trading it in on the new model.

Resto Update

Matt and Bruno find a 1971 Chevy Truck that needs a major restoration update. This truck gets transformed inside and out to feel 30 years younger.

Play Toys

Matt and Bruno show you some cool upgrades for your Razor UTV. Then it’s time to strap the toys down and hit the trail.

Storm Trooper Ford

Matt and Bruno take a stock Ford Truck and turn it in to a very cool one-off, all-white Storm Trooper Ford.

Injector Maintenance

Why spend thousands, when you can do-it-yourself. Bruno and Matt show you how to fix faulty injectors on a Ford F250 Diesel.

Jeep Beach Event

Our Jeep Beach Rig is done. Now it’s time to use it. We’ll hit the obstacles at Daytona Motor Speedway and see some of the coolest rigs along the way.


We start with a 2012 stock Jeep JK and get it ready to go offroad at the massive Jeep Beach Event at Daytona International speedway.

Federated Service Truck

Why build a regular work truck, when you can build the Ultimate Work Truck. Our challenge today is to take a stock 2013 Silverado and outfit it from head to toe, and when we’re done, it’s going to be given away.

Ford EcoBoost

Its our first look at the Ford EcoBoost V6 engine, and we don’t leave anything stock. We’ll keep the more efficient engine and add some power today on Truck U.

Tundra Daily Driver

Matt and Bruno bring in a 2009 Tundra daily driver and give it a better ride and better look for the owner’s daily commute.


Any shop can misdiagnose a problem. All that means is more trips back to the shop for you. Today Bruno and Matt take a look at some of the most commonly misdiagnosed problems and help you fix them for good.

Blazer TLC

Matt and Bruno go to work on a 1986 Blazer that needs some TLC.

Time for Toys

Time to get the toys out of the garage. The weather has changed, and we want to make sure our RV, boat, and UTV are ready to roll.

Construction Work Truck

You’ve Seen Matt and Bruno’s skills in the garage; now check out their skills on the job site. We’ll take one worker’s truck and make the repairs by quitting time.



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