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Season 6

Toy Hauler Build-Up

Matt and Bruno take an enclosed car trailer and turn it into a toy hauler with all the amenities of home.

Cummins Diesel-Built to Last

One million miles may sound like a lot – but NOT for a Cummins Diesel engine. Today, we’ll find out what makes these incredible engines built to last.

Ask the Hosts

Whether they are on the road, or in the garage, Bruno and Matt find answers to technical questions everyday. Today, they will answer some of your viewer questions while working on a new truck.

Steering Geometry

Learn why a truck’s steering geometry is such an important issue to address after installing a lift kit on your truck.

Work and Play #2

Work continues on the Dodge Work and Play Project Truck. Today we help the ride with a wireless air system and add much need storage.

Work and Play #1

Bruno and Matt need the ultimate truck for work and play so they find everything you need from a Turbocharger to an Intercooler.

Small Engine

Matt and Bruno replace a small engine on a go kart and get some help from some kids on a special project.

Rock Racer

The Chassis for the Rock Racer is almost done, so Matt and Bruno add a Speedwire System and install the torque converter.

Surf City Garage

Bruno Massel takes a trip to Huntington Beach, California to see how a garage of Dream Cars create a love for wax.

King of the Hammers

Matt heads out west to find out what makes the King of the Hammers one of the fastest growing races in the world.

Street Truck

Bruno and Matt install some upgrades on a 2010 Ford F 150 to make it more roadworthy.

Air Bag It Part 2

We finish the Air Bag kit on our Super Duty Tow Project and put it to the test on the road.

Air Bag It Part 1

Bruno and Matt improve the ride quality and tow capacity on our Ford Super Duty Tow Project by installing an adjustable airbag system.

Ford Common Problems

Not all trucks are perfect. Matt and Bruno dissect some common Ford problems in the engine and suspension.

Monster in a Box

Bruno and Matt put together a Monster transmission from scratch and start building the tube chassis for the Rock Racer.

Operation Comfort

Bruno takes a trip to San Antonio, Texas to meet the soldiers of Operation Comfort and see what makes their Bronco Weapons Carrier so special.



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