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Current Season - Season 13

Truck U Checklist

Matt and Bruno have a large Truck U checklist. They have to get a Bronco Project running again. Bruno has a racer friend stopping by who needs a hand and Matt show us the new shop purchase. 

K5 Blazer

Time to get low with a K5 Blazer. Matt and Bruno are going to C-notch the frame on this 73’ blazer while still using the factory wheels and tires.

Camping in Comfort

Matt helps a buddy get his Ram 2500 Longhorn ready for it’s next camping and hunting trip. As a trade out he gets a little party time in the trailer. 

Outdoors Jeep

Today on Truck U, we blend Matt’s love for the outdoors with Bruno’s love for performance and styling on a Jeep JK. 

Beat the Drum

It’s time to beat the drums off a 1965 F100. Matt and Bruno do a full disc brake conversion and upgrade the master cylinder and booster.

Chevy Day

Line ‘em up. It’s a Chevy day on Truck U as Bruno and Matt look at a couple of bowtie trucks in the shop. They do everything from styling upgrades to common problem fixes, and as always, they give you some life lessons along the way.  

Fishing Trucks

Matt and Bruno take two trucks and get them ready to tow with a turbo rebuild and some towing accessories.

Color Match

Matt and Bruno demonstrate how to personalize your Jeep with some paint and fabrication.

Day in the Dirt

Matt and Bruno find a lowrider truck that has handling problems, so they fabricate some suspension components and do some interior work.

Revived Raptor

It’s back, the new Ford Raptor is here and Matt and Bruno can already make it faster and sound better with aftermarket parts.

Patina Shortbed

Patina C-10 trucks are all the rage. Matt and Bruno leave the paint alone on a ‘69 C-10 project and give it the fine details it needs for a finished look.

Back to Stock

To sell this Longbed C-10, Matt and Bruno need to get it back to stock. They transform the interior back to a factory style bench seat. The exhaust also gets a factory style upgrade.



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