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Current Season - Season 12

Clean to Custom

Matt and Bruno completely overhaul the interior of a C20. Changing out the seats, dash accessories and door panels. We’re going from Clean to Custom on Truck U.

YJ Project

Our YJ Project starts going back together with an all new Jeep tub and body. A much needed leaf spring kit and other interior accessories.

Grand Canyon

Our Canyon truck got a new LS engine, today we give the truck a brake upgrade, new lower stance and turn this into the ultimate sleeper.

Road Rescue-LS Canyon

After a Canyon is saved from the side of the road, Matt and Bruno find the fix in a new crate LS Engine.

It’s a Jeep Day!

First, a Jeep Rubicon get a power convertible top and then our YT project gets stripped down to the frame.

Recovery Vehicle

If you’re not prepared to break off-road, you might as well not even play. We’ll show you what “must-have” parts you need to recover your off-road vehicle.

Dodge off-road machine

We’ll take a 2014 Dodge 1500 and make it off road worthy with a 6inch lift kit, 37inch tires, and really cool off­road bumpers.

Billie Hop

Sometimes Bruno will do a favor for a fellow Race Car Driver friend. That’s why Top Fuel driver Clay Millican’s old Dodge Cummins is in the shop. Like everything Clay drives, this truck is tortured and has broke a few things. Matt and Bruno get to play pit today on Truck U.

Pick-Up the Pieces

Like many projects, this 1954 Chevy 3100 restoration has stalled. So, we’re going to help this owner pickup the pieces on this project by installing a new 350 engine, completely overhaul the front end, and bolt‐on new bumpers. After were done, this truck will be ready to get wired and fired.

Warranty is UP

Don’t wait till your factory warranty is up to modify your truck. We’ll show you how to add power and personality while staying street legal.

Collector Truck

Matt and Bruno install a portable bedwood kit on a collector 1946 Ford Truck and we give the truck a mini restoration under the hood.

Trail Rocker

It’s time for the ultimate axle reconstructive surgery.We install brand new Dana 44 axles on a 2008 Jeep Jk 4 wheel drive.

Off-Road Toyota

Bruno and Matt have earned some vacation time, but before they get to take a break they need to finish work on the 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4wd. The guys transform a Toyota into a Expedition vehicle that can light up any path in its way.



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