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About Truck U

As a how-to show dedicated exclusively to trucks, 4x4s and SUV’s, Truck U finds monster-truck expert Matt Steele and master mechanic Bruno Massel involved in hands-on projects crucial to serious off-roading and truck performance. Ideal for reaching the flourishing truck, 4×4, SUV, sport-compact truck and off-road audiences.


Bruno Massel

is an accomplished television host and professional drag racer on the NHRA national tour. He has hosted programs on TNN, SPEED, ESPN2, Spike, Oxygen and Discovery. In addition to Truck U, Bruno currently hosts NHRA’s Xplod Sport Compact Drag Racing Series and Xplod Stylefest, Oxygen’s Fitness Insider and BBC / Discovery’s Top Gear.


Matt Steele

has been hosting motorsports events for the last 12 years—everything from local mud-bog races to Monster Jam events in front of sold out stadiums of 70,000 fans. In 2004, Matt Steele made the move to television as the Pit Reporter for SPEED’s Monster Jam. Over the years, Matt has worked closely with various production crews for live events and television, and released a full-length music CD in 2005.



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