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Precision Turbo & Engine – EcoBoost Turbocharger Upgrade

Ford F150 EcoBoost Turbocharger Upgrade

More Precision Turbo & Engine Product Information


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Truck U
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Don't get stranded in your diesel, improve the power and performance by adding Hot Shot's Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment to keep you on the road.

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Hot Shot's Secret

Length: 00:52

Truck U
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Great demonstration!

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Why You Need to Pack a Trailer Correctly

A simple demonstration of how crucial weight distribution can be.

Truck U
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Stop rust in its tracks with Dupli-Color® Rust Barrier. This semi-gloss coating goes on thick and forms a protective, impenetrable shell on any rusted or bare metal surface. Prep is minimal and application couldn't be simpler with either an HVLP gun, brush, or roller. Apply and say goodbye to rust.

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Dupli-Color® Rust Barrier

Length: 01:40

Truck U
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BOLT Lock – J-Mount conveniently secure your hi-lift jack with just one key, yourJeep key with BOLT Locks!

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Length: 01:32

Truck U
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Crown Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines meets all Department of Transportation (D.O.T) specifications. All brake lines are pressure tested to 4500 psi. No volumetric expansion. Brake pedal response is immediate.

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Crown Performance

Length: 01:06


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