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Full Episodes now on site!

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Bruno Massel, Kevin Byrd and Willie B soaked up the sun and fun at the 2012 AAPEX SEMA Show in Vegas this year, while checking out the newest innovations in the automotive aftermarket. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 818 – Head to Head

Matt and Bruno go Head to Head with two of Jeep’s most talked-about engines: the solid 4.0L versus the 3.8L. Learn More


Truck U Episode #817 – Ram Runner

Ram Runner! It’s Dodge’s version of the Ford Raptor and we’ll show it you in action on Truck U. Learn More


Truck U Episode #816 – Can you Handle This?

Bruno and Matt see what they can do to improve the handling and sway on a 2001 GMC. Plus they setup a very Cool Ram Runner Project. You won’t want to miss it! Learn More


Truck U Episode # 815 – Medium Duty Maintenance

Big trucks need love too. So we turn our attention to a GMC 5500 that needs maintenance before its next trip. Learn More


Truck U Episode #814 – Blazer Trial

It’s the case of wreck the truck and pass the buck. A 1990 Blazer broke on the trail, but who’s at fault? Matt and Bruno gather evidence and make a final ruling on Truck U. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 813 – EGR Cooling Delete

Why do head gaskets keep failing on Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Trucks? The EGR Cooler is starting to fail. Matt and Bruno will show you how to delete the problem for good on Truck U. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 812 – Paint Shop Chevy

This cool blue ’54 Chevy shortbed is fresh out of the paint shop, and we’ve been given the task of putting on the finishing pieces to the project. We lay in the wood bed, add some finishing components, and this truck is ready for its first show. Learn More


Truck U Episode #811 – Cam Am Fix

We bring our 2011 Cam Am Commander back for some final fixes. We beef up the steering with an electric power steering kit and throw some light on the subject with a large LED light bar. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 810 – TJ OffRoad Upgrade

Matt and Bruno take a stock TJ and make it into the machine it was born to be. Once we upgrade the steering and suspension, we’ll make some much-needed repair. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 809 – Roush Truck

We love bolt-on power, so today is going to be fun. We’ve got a Roush supercharger kit with an exhaust and intake to install on this stock 2012 F-150. Then we’ll put it on the road and burn some rubber. Learn More


Truck U Episode #808 – Fuel Delivery System

A lot can wrong in a diesel truck’s fuel delivery system. Today we look at corrosion in the lines and stuck injectors to see if we can solve the problems with a secret. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 807 – Build Stage CJ

Matt and Bruno do some custom fabrication to a build stage CJ 7. They also run new fuel lines and drop in a new fuel tank. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 806 – JEEP BEAST

Matt and Bruno ‘s Jeep project is going to be a beast when they get finished with it. Learn More


Truck U Episode #805 – Wrecked

When your work truck gets wrecked, your ability to work stops. Matt and Bruno take on a project to get a work truck back on the road with some body work and repair. Learn More


Truck U Episode # 804 – Wish List Project

A final wish list from a customer gets completed on a 1985 C-10 project truck, and we cure a slipping transmission problem on a Dodge. Learn More


Truck U Episode #803 – Diesel Track Truck

The gloves are off. So is the exhaust, DPF, and anything else that makes our Diesel Track Truck street legal. Today a King Ranch has a date with the drag strip. Learn More

Truck U Episode #802

Truck U Episode # 802 – Shop Misinformation

Matt and Bruno show you what a truck dealership is going to look for when your truck hits 100-thousand miles to determine its trade in value. Matt and Bruno show you what kind of repairs you can do yourself to get the most value on your truck. Learn More